Analysis of exact stores

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Analysis of exact stores

Some people using rooted devices discovered that it refused to work. This is because it uses a new Google Play Services feature: SafetyNet attestation is Google telling the app their opinion regarding the CTS compatibility status of a device.

CTS normally stands for Compatibility Test Suite, which is a suite of tests a device must pass, prior to release, to be allowed to include Google Play Services.

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Google does not check if a device is up to date or vulnerable to public exploits, as part of the SafetyNet service. It checks if it has been tampered compared to an expected normal and safe state. One can argue that this is what application developers want: Vulnerability status of the device would be useful to end users but not so much to developers.

The reason is that this is unrealistic: If an application refused to run on vulnerable devices, very few apps would work even in the most recent Android devices. Using SafetyNet attestation SafetyNet Attestation is a newish feature, at least for 3rd party application developers.

Any application developer can use it in his app. The process has a few steps: An application calls SafetyNetApi.

The request uses GoogleApiClient to reach the Google servers.


The request must include a nonce. This is very important to prevent replay attacks. Best practice is for a server to generate this nonce and send it to the device to use in the request.

Google responds with the attestation result.

Analysis of exact stores

The response includes the various signatures and the following: The signature of the response can also be verified by Google itself using another API call, and this is the best practice.

Assuming the response is verified, if ctsProfileMatch is true, then the developer can be have a degree of certainty that the device has not been tampered.

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An app can grab the JWS attestation response and send it to the application server it normally connects to. That server can then directly ask Google to verify the JWS signature or do it itself and proceed to act on the results on the server side, for example deny API access to the client.

This is good design: Even if the client is manipulated, the server will refuse to provide services. But better something than nothing. Developers can find instructions on using this feature here: SafetyNet System Design SafetyNet is a data collection system used by Google to gather security-related information from 1 billion Play-enabled Android devices.

The idea is that Google Play Services, a closed-source package on the device starts an always-running service named snet.

This service frequently collects various pieces of data from the device and sends it back to Google. Google uses this information for multiple purposes, such as ecosystem analysis and threat profiling of devices.

It turns out that based on the collected information, Google is in a position to determine if a device is being tampered in a multitude of ways.C-reactive protein (CRP) a protein that is produced in the liver in response to is a biomarker of inflammation that is strongly associated with the risk of cardiovascular events, such as myocardial infarction and stroke.

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