Case of sundaram clayton

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Case of sundaram clayton

The group has been able to achieve this pre—eminence through its commitment to the cherished values of promoting trust, value and customer service.

Case of sundaram clayton

The TVS group, India's leading supplier of automotive components originated as a transport company in Having a wide customer base, SCL is one of the largest suppliers of aluminium die castings in the country.

The company exports its products to international Original Equipment Manufacturers having proven its credentials as a reliable supplier of world class products.

A comprehensive TQM Total Quality Management practice enables SCL in being a competitive world—class manufacturer in terms of quality, cost and timely delivery of products. SCL makes its own alloy and has a full—fledged metallurgical laboratory that allows SCL to engineer its own alloy composition and maintain strict control of the alloying elements.

SCL started its pressure die casting operations in the early eighties recognizing the advantages of the pressure die casting process. Since then, the company has grown in its scale of operations.

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SCL started its die casting division with gravity die casting process as early as in Today, it produces more than different castings ranging from 0.

Most of the dies are semi—automatic and ergonomic by design. The company has total facilities for sand testing, sand corping and decoring. Riser cutting machines and impregnation supplement the die casting process. The company acquired tilt pouring GDC technology as early as in and has today advanced to the level of making its own tilt pouring machines.

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It has a state—of—art cylinder head casting facility at Hosur with a production capacity of thousand units per annum, using twin cavity LPDC machines with bridge assisted core pull outs, out of which four are mounted on a bridge helping in a smooth positive withdrawal of castings from the gate.

The LPDC facility is also equipped with sate—of—art—core making and de—coring facilities. The LPDC machine can accommodate dies upto mm by mm. Direct measurement spectrometers are used for instantaneous checking of chemistry of aluminium alloy used.

The plant is fully equipped to deliver completely machined, ready—to—assemble components. The state—of—art machining infrastructure, which is spread over a sprawling 20, sq.

Case of sundaram clayton

Special purpose machines and supporting facilities for leak testing wet and dryimpregnation and surface treatment operations. In addition, there are about 20 assembly stations where the components are sub—assembled into the machined casting and dispatched to customers on a JIT basis, ready to use.

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small case study, of the first company in India to get the coveted Deming Prize based on the integrated Japanese Model for Business Excellence, Sundaram Clayton, is discussed in the paper.

The paper attempts to give a holistic perspective of ERP implementation as a part of TQM or Business Excellence Strategy Implementation. a: top: abney, david [az]: cvpr: marcie normandin v encanto adventures et al: abney, david [az]: cvpr: judy koch-gulotty v therese a.

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