Chapter 9 enduring love essay

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Chapter 9 enduring love essay

McEwan uses a number of techniques to make the first chapter of Enduring Love interesting and intriguing. The techniques used in the opening passages draw the reader into the narrative, gaining their curiosity and forcing them to read on.

By writing in the first person McEwan allows the reader to empathise with his main character from the very first page. This gives the reader an immediate intimacy with the narrator, making us feel involved in the action as soon as it begins.

By making the character anonymous yet personal we are drawn into the novel as we feel what is going on will directly affect us. This would give us an instant understanding of the characters situation making us interested in what will happen next and thus willing us to read on.

On the one hand we could interpret this as simply the author adding intrigue, making us want to read on to find out his name.

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However, it could also be, as mentioned above, a device by which we are able project on to the main character. Again, this technique could be Chapter 9 enduring love essay to make us empathise with the character, making us more interested with the narrative.

The characterisation of the narrator who we come to call Joe, and I will refer to as Joe for ease of reference also helps to make chapter one of Enduring Love interesting and intriguing. Throughout the first chapter Joe, on multiple occasions, uses scientific or mathematical references in moments of tense action.

This reference and his later description of helium on page 3 give us little snippets of his mindset, making us interested to learn more about him but also give us an insight into the importance of the event to Joe.

If this was just a throwaway part of the narrative the author would just give us the details of the event. This gives the reader a sense of the importance of this chapter and encourages them to read on to find the relevance of this event to the rest of the story. As well as suggesting that the scene has played over and over in the characters mind the digressions from the main plot serve to heighten the tension by withholding the details of the storyline.

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This technique makes the narrative more interesting and intriguing, making the story gripping so you want to read on. Another effect of the use of these digressions is the fact that they make the pace of the story change dramatically at various points within the narrative.

Chapter 9 enduring love essay

Obviously this is most apparent on page 3 where the narrative breaks from the action to describe the events leading up to the accident finally returning to the same point on page 8. Clearly, this serves to intrigue us as reader through withholding the story as mentioned in the above paragraph but also allows McEwan to play with the emotions of the reader.

This variation in pace makes the chapter more emotional for the reader and adds to the suspense. When the author focuses on the action the pace is much faster. The writing at these points is exciting and dramatic. The very first sentence is a good example of this.

Secondly it promises that something important is going to happen which gives a sense of anticipation to the reader as well as beginning the tension that will mount all the way through the first chapter.

Lastly, it puts us, the reader, in the middle of the action from the word go, there is no build up, we are already here, at the beginning of what is going to happen. McEwan maintains the tension of the action scenes through use of short, ambiguous sentences as explained above as well as the use of sharp, interest catching vocabulary, shorter words and the use of more commas.

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