Distribution of domestic responsibilities in the typical american family

Characteristics of Family Households Table addresses a fundamental question: What percentage of all households are family households? Census Bureau defines a family household as a household maintained by a householder who is in a family; a family is a group of two or more people one of whom is the householder who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption and reside together U.

Distribution of domestic responsibilities in the typical american family

Family Law Paralegal Find A Program Working in family law can run a paralegal through the full gamut of emotions… pride and joy as they draw up adoption papers and oversee the formation of a new family… pain and suffering through divorce and child custody battles… shock and outrage in domestic violence and child welfare cases.

Cultural Differences in Family Dynamics | Dimensions of Culture

An even emotional keel as well as a sharp mind and comprehensive knowledge of legal procedure are necessary for paralegals working in family law. The online Master of Legal Studies from American University equips students with fundamental legal training and industry-specific knowledge.

Students attend online classes and an in-person immersion in Washington, D.

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Complete in as few as 15 months. The online Master of Legal Studies program from Pepperdine Law teaches professionals from a variety of fields the fundamental legal skills they need to better execute their law-related responsibilities. Paralegal professionals who choose to specialize in family law understand the tradeoffs and enjoy the challenges.

The field is as rewarding as it can be frustrating and it provides one of the highest ratios of client contact of any paralegal specialization.

Family law is seen as a solid career choice in the legal field. People Skills Are Paramount for Family Law Paralegals With so many family law cases, it can be easy to forget that each one is a private emotional tragedy for the participants. They can become as upset and disappointed in the arbitrary course of justice as they Distribution of domestic responsibilities in the typical american family with their situation at home.

Often, this anger ends up focused on the lawyers and paralegals who have to deliver the bad news. But paralegals also serve as a valuable buffer in tense situations.

When clients communicate through their lawyers, it removes some of the raw emotional aspects of dealing directly with an estranged family member. A paralegal can serve as a trusted medium to convey information and requests. Many divorces are now resolved through mediation rather than going to court, a faster and far less costly way to resolve issues since it is entirely about communication and negotiation.

In fact, for most family law paralegals, talking to clients takes up most of the day. People skills are perhaps the most important factor in the job.

Distribution of domestic responsibilities in the typical american family

The ability to defuse a client when they end up losing the family home in a divorce, or to console them when they lose a custody battle, is easily as important as legal knowledge and organizational skills.

Wherever they work, family law paralegals spend a lot of time in face-to-face contact with clients, witnesses, and other involved parties such as guardians ad litem and social workers. Listening and taking accurate notes is important, whether conducting an informal investigation or working as part of team on a deposition.

Their word choice and body language can take on heightened meaning to clients in very emotional circumstances. Family law paralegals have to learn to keep their own reactions in check and to project smooth, confident competence when working with both clients and other parties involved in a case.

But tensions run high in domestic issues and paralegals do inevitably absorb some of the ire when working on family law cases. From Child Support Collection to Child Advocacy Family law paralegals are not always directly in the line of fire, however.

Distribution of domestic responsibilities in the typical american family

Some work for government agencies responsible for dealing with domestic matters, primarily state court systems. These paralegals are responsible for matters that include: Calculating and arranging for the collection and distribution of court-ordered child support Working with litigants in family law cases who do not have attorneys self-representing litigants to brief them on family law processes and requirements Reviewing cases referred to child protective service agencies from social services and law enforcement to determine and recommend further actions Drafting protective orders and custody agreements for social service agencies Paralegals also serve a valuable role as guardians ad litem in various child advocacy programs.

A guardian ad litem serves as an impartial advocate for children or incapacitated individuals who are involved in court proceedings. They are appointed to serve in the best interests of the child when other parties may be more absorbed by their own interests.

Although being a paralegal is not a requirement for guardian ad litem positions, it brings a valuable skill set and knowledge of the legal system to bear and makes them much more effective. Many legal aid organizations also have sections specializing in family law. Adoption agencies and law firms specializing in adoption also rely heavily on paralegals.

Each state has different laws concerning adoptions and it requires an expert to ensure that all the requirements are met when bringing a new child into a family.

Paralegals that work in the process of facilitating adoptions cover tasks that include: Arranging immigration formalities for overseas adoptions Obtaining social security numbers for adoptees Ensuring that the adoptive parents meet visitation and other requirements But even though adoptions are generally happy occasions, paralegals in these positions still run into difficulties… either birth or adoptive parents back out at the last minute, or the process falls through for legal reasons.

Some real legal work has to be done, too. Paralegals fill the customary role as vital assistants to attorneys, performing traditional paralegal tasks like research and drafting motions for a case.

And like paralegals in every specialty, organizing case files and tracking important scheduling matters are a large part of the job.

Paralegals can also draft documents during discovery motions to compel other parties in a case to produce information, or they might assist their own clients in complying with discovery requests during court proceedings. Compiling the voluminous amount of financial documents during a divorce is rarely easy.

Things that never seemed critical or worth preserving when times were good can become the linchpins that a case hinges on later… things like whose pre-marital bank account certain funds came from, or where a beloved family heirloom originated.

There are no special certifications for family law paralegals and family law is routinely covered in most paralegal programs.Rise and Fall of the Nuclear Family - The perfect family has always been an American dream.

In the 50s many families wanted to have the perfect family. Typical coursework in a relevant, 4-year degree program includes family dynamics, theories of domestic abuse, domestic abuse and the law, theories of child abuse, and the practice of social work.

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