Dti south africa business plan template

We are fully recognised by all major South African banks. We can assist you with your business-plan and arrangements if needed. Financial projections and estimates for all the different options are from us and we also have a document explaining how to do your own business plan.

Dti south africa business plan template

Small medium entities SMEs are the building blocks of an economy. The economic boom in many countries has been due to their SME market.

Mind-set Entrepreneurship in South Africa is sometimes defined as unique ideas, inventions and technologies.

dti south africa business plan template

This definition is terrifying to the average entrepreneur. Consider China where entrepreneurship is simple … make anything as long as you are cheaper than the next guy.

The South African government has benchmarked against the global economy and understands the importance of providing fertile ground for all types of SMEs to spawn and grow.

Many government initiatives are under way but perhaps we are not aware of them. Our government has attempted to provide such support via a few mechanisms, namely: Preferential procurement and BEE codes Tax incentives for entrepreneurs and big business who work with entrepreneurs Provision of grant funding and soft loans In this article I will deal with the last of the three and highlight some of the sources of capital so that you may further investigate them.

However, be aware of the tax benefits for small business and those that partner with small business. Also note that an offshoot funding structure has emerged due to the Enterprise Development requirement in the BEE codes.

Private organisations provide soft funding for BEE companies in order to obtain their Enterprise Development points. Cash flow One of the four main ingredients required for an SME to spawn is cash flow.

In our country as with other countries there exist entrepreneurs in our wider population.

dti south africa business plan template

Unfortunately most tend to lack capital or the awareness of the sources of soft capital. Our history has exacerbated the lack of capital within a community.

Hence the private sector invisible hand of Adam Smith cannot work to support entrepreneurs as there is no soft capital in the community. However, there is a lack of awareness of some governmental sources of soft capital. These are discussed below. These are summarised below. Of the R1 million: Rof which R is contributed by the DTI and the remaining amount is to be contributed by the entity, is to be used for machinery and equipment The remaining R is to be used to develop the business contributed in the ratio A co-operative is a body of people who come together for mutual benefit either in a social, economic or cultural way.

This scheme aims to promote co-operatives on a The maximum amount that this scheme offers is R This scheme is offered to co-operatives incorporated and registered in the Republic of South Africa RSA that are operating in emerging sectors within rural and semi-urban areas whilst abiding by the principles of co-operatives.

This scheme is biased towards woman, youth and disabled individuals. Significant emphasis has been placed on this area by DTI. This grant is primarily aimed at engineering graduates. THRIP aims to develop these SMEs into large companies, expanding the networks and allowing these SMEs access to scientific expertise, equipment and facilities at partner research entities.

Incubation Support Programme ISP This grant is aimed at initiating entities to allow them to develop incubator programmes and thereby create employment within the communities and in turn strengthen the economy. The programme is aimed at encouraging partnerships between the private sector, SMEs and Government in order to create sustainable growth within the economy by creating these incubator programmes.

The ISP is available on a This is capped at R10 million a year for three years. The ISP also provides mentorship to develop the necessary services and grow the entity. The ISP lasts for two to three years in which time the incubator should become self-sustainable.

The costs that the ISP will cover include the business development services, market access, machinery, equipment as well as tools, the infrastructure of the entity that has to do with the creation of the incubators, feasibility studies, product or service development, as well as operational costs.

Capital Projects Feasibility Programme CPFP This project is aimed at RSA enterprises in the capital goods sector that have the potential to boost expansion and employment within the country by attracting foreign investment.

Feasibility studies in the capital goods sector play an important role in opening contract and project opportunities. This project is a cost-sharing The grant is capped at R8 million.

The objectives of the CPFP are to: It is directed at the international market for quality and affordable clothing.Basicess plan format pdf template south africa doc free word construction easy business download ppt simple nz australia uk powerpoint | findingnollywood.

growth and sustainability that every South African business owner should learn how to use. Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment thought-out empowerment plan can help to deliver both the capital and broader markets (the dti’s) BBBEE Strategy Document, released in March Commercial activity, like the addition of Uber and AirBnB, shows South Africa is open to outside business developments.

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1. INTRODUCTION OF YOUR BUSINESS IDEA Give a description of your business idea: a) What does your business do? b) Where is your business located?

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