How to write a diary entry ks3

There would be a dress code, even [or especially] for workers - You would be starting the day with a change from night attire into day wear - there would be the use of the 'bathroom facilities' of the day, probably not plumbed in - a bowl and a jug, the type of soap would be different to today's multiple brand names - like it would be a block of carbolic by comparison. The hours would likely be unsociable - possibly dark when you wake, and maybe very cold too. The place you go to work could require a short journey, it could be perilous on foot if you must keep clean - even if it's just crossing a courtyard from a dormitory to a kitchen or factory floor. The people you work with could range in age, a few years either side of your own age - the older ones already look like adults, worked hard and showing permanent fatigue as well as their posture appearing stooped, their hands angular relaxing into a hard claw shape.

How to write a diary entry ks3

For those of you who have read Macbeth, by Shakespeare, here is the diary entries that no-one besides Lady Macbeth ever set eyes on. The following diary entries where found torn out of what seems like a diary. They were found at a market in Edinburgh inyears after they were written.

Supposedly written by Lady Macbeth herself, there is doubt of the authenticy. She unclasps her leather bound diary, dips a quill into an ink pot, and scribbles away. A messenger arrived at their camp to inform Macbeth that he was in fact was the new Thane of Cawdor.

He frets and worries, wondering if he should intervene with mighty Fate.

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The riches of the Royal ones, are the only pictures I see behind closed eyes. They stalk me, and drive me into despair. I have no choice; the prediction of the three weird sisters gives new life to the seedlings of the seeds I have sown in my mind.

She departs the room in a flurry, stuffing the letter into the envelope, closing the diary, and jamming the two objects into a draw. She looks the door, slips the key into her breast pocket, and strides from the room.

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Lady Macbeth enters her chamber, quietly closing the door behind her. She advances towards the drawer, and unlocks a draw, and pulls out her diary.

The title of which will soon be passed to Macbeth. Lady Macbeth smooths the creases in her sky-blue night gown. Suddenly there is a knock at the door.

Anger leaves visible signs across her face, her brow creased in frustration, her innocent face troubled in concern. He is so easily manipulated. Like a child worshipping the ground I walk on, he will do anything for me. By anything I mean anything. The only flaw I can find in the plan is Malcolm.

Yesterday Duncan announced him to be his heir. I will ponder on that obstacle. Perhaps a bit of poison may put him to sleep for eternity.

how to write a diary entry ks3

I am writing this to pass up the time, waiting for the minutes to slip away.The good thing about using the diary to write is that it can be used interchangeably with periodicals and letters being written or read by a person.

In the same way as in a diary, extensive descriptions and large emotional Mina finishes writing a journal entry and then all of a sudden, a new story of. Your children can reflect on the past year at school with this handy school year memory write up worksheet. This resource features several boxes for your little ones to write all about their new friends, funniest memory, favourite book and much more!

how to write a diary entry ks3

Diary Entry Template Ks3 Wagoll diary entry by sh teaching resources tes, a wagoll diary entry of a good day the purpose of this was for the children to write their own diary entry, but of a bad day, using this example as a prompt.

My diary of a bean plant booklet template. To write a diary entry from either Sephy or Callum based on group work carried out in lesson. 3 Practise Minerva’s monologue, in preparation for small group performances.

4 Microsoft Word - English KS3 homework Author: Administrator Created Date. At both Walcott and Mrs Mary King’s Primary School, the children have been working extremely hard writing diary entries. Linked to the Oliver Twist book, the children have been imagining that they are Oliver Twist and have written a diary entry as him.

Use these checklists when writing diary entries, three levels of differentiation are provided listing key features to be included. Other versions? This resource is available in 4/4(29).

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