Jem characteristics

Understanding the different types of drought resistant sod, their characteristics and what each one offers for your particular situation is critical.

Jem characteristics

Basswood Jem characteristics a soft wood with tight grains. The softness of basswood means that sharp highs are dampened and smoothened. That helps offset the tinny sound associated with knife edged tremolo contacts.

The softness also fosters a weaker low end. The reduction in these outer frequencies leaves the mids pronounced in a hypothetical response curve. Complex overtones are muted along with the highs leaving a strong fundamental tone.

Japanese factories like Ibanez seem to get a tan colored, more uniform Basswood while other Asian factories get a more flawed yellowish basswood.

And there seems to be a big difference in tone. A clearer, darker Basswood should produce more sound, while the yellowish lower grade seems to have more of the undesirable tonal qualities of Poplar.

A hardtail emphasizes the reduced dynamics of the outer frequencies. Alder is light in weight with soft tight pores like Basswood.

But there is a large swirling grain pattern to it with harder rings and sections. So imagine a Basswood type texture but with harder rings peppered throughout. That adds to the stiffness, and the complexity of the tones.

Jem characteristics

It retains more of the highs that Basswood softens, but also gives some room to the lows. You have a broader spectrum of tones, which leads to the perception of a little less mids than Basswood.

Not much difference between factories, production. So you basically have a very rigid skeleton with open and softer pores throughout.

Jem characteristics

It is very resonant across the whole frequency spectrum. It has clear bell-like highs, pronounced mids, and strong lows. It has some random combing away of mid frequencies, which will vary the sound per guitar more than Alder or Basswood.

Two Ash bodies are more likely to sound more different from one another, whereas Basswood and Alder are more consistent. A heavier piece, or a piece from higher up on the tree will be more dead and lifeless. More dull sounding, because the wood is harder and more uniformly dense.

So the sweetness of the soft open pores is gone, and left is the compressed sound of a rigid, non-responsive wood, without all the brightness and sustain of a harder wood or the openness of a softer wood. An Asian mass produced factory guitar should be checked for weight, and openness of grain if the finish allows.

Ash used at the big factories has a higher ratio of poor pieces than with smaller boutique builders, or other US builders, probably because it is a US wood. Open grained with large pores, Mahogany has a more uniform grain pattern and density than Swamp Ash.

Its density is constant within the ring and from one ring to the next. It also combs away more upper midrange frequencies for a more nasal sound.

It has a good balance of fundamental and overtones for higher register soloing. High notes are richer and thicker than Alder or Ash. There are many different kinds of Mahogany, and unless it has a sparkle to it like some of the Japanese and US guitars it will have a similar sound from one piece to the next.

Catalog photos often reveal that the endorser gets a better piece than the production line. A darker wood with Ash-like grains, but like mahogany, the density is uniform.

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It is harder and denser than Mahogany so the tone is brighter, but the open grains make for a complex midrange that seems to be compressed in some frequencies, but dynamic in others.

It has a lot of advantageous features of the other main guitar woods. It has a snappy attack and solid lows like Ash, but with smooth highs like Mahogany, and textured mids like Alder.

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