Land information management in uganda management essay

The initial study proposed microfilming or scanning of the paper documents. The intention was to introduce some mechanism in the registry that would enable an expedited storage, access and retrieval of land records to enhance service delivery. A land surveyor is required to have datum controls that he should use to control any form of survey work that were predetermined early in the s under the projection of Arc UTM 36N.

Land information management in uganda management essay

Gap dynamics Gap dynamics is the pattern of plant growth that occurs following the creation of a forest gap, a local area of natural disturbance that results in an opening in the canopy of a forest. Gap dynamics are a typical characteristic of temperate and tropical forests, and have a wide variety of causes and effects on forest life.

Sometimes special tools, such as a tree planting barare used to make planting of trees easier and faster.

Land information management in uganda management essay

For a example, in arid zones, once forest cover is destroyed, the land may become dry and inhospitable for the growth of new trees. Other factors include overgrazing by livestockespecially animals such as goatscowsand over-harvesting of forest resources. Together these may lead to desertification and the loss of topsoil ; without soil, forests cannot grow until the long process of soil creation has been completed - if erosion allows this.

In some tropical areas, forest cover removal may result in a duricrust or duripan that effectively seal off the soil to water penetration and root growth.

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In many areas, reforestation is impossible because people are using the land. In other areas, mechanical breaking up of duripans or duricrusts is necessary, careful and continued watering may be essential, and special protection, such as fencing, may be needed.

Forests to attract rain[ edit ] Several new studies suggest that forests attract rain and this may explain why drought is occurring more frequently in parts of the world such as western Africa.

A new study by Carol Rasmussen, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory gives the first observational evidence that the southern Amazon rain forest triggers its own rainy season using water vapor from plant leaves. The finding helps explain why deforestation in this region is linked with reduced rainfall [2] A study by Douglas Sheil and Daniel Murdiyarso hypothesis suggests that forest cover plays a much greater role in determining rainfall than previously recognized.

It explains how forested regions generate large-scale flows in atmospheric water vapor [3] Makarieva and Gorshkov have developed a hypothesis to explain how forests attract moist air and increase rainfall in area covered by trees [4] Countries and regions[ edit ] Australia[ edit ] In AdelaideSouth Australia a city of 1.

The projects range from large habitat restoration projects to local biodiversity projects.

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Thousands of Adelaide citizens have participated in community planting days. Sites include parks, reserves, transport corridors, schools, water courses and coastline.

Only trees native to the local area are planted to ensure genetic integrity. Premier Rann said the project aimed to beautify and cool the city and make it more liveable; improve air and water quality and reduce Adelaide's greenhouse gas emissions bytonnes of C02 a year.

He said it was also about creating and conserving habitat for wildlife and preventing species loss. There is also ongoing afforestation effort in Brazil.

Land information management in uganda management essay

In an afforestation hotspot outlined in Para, Brazil, 1 billion trees are intended to be planted to restore deforested lands by After a crippling famine in the s caused by overgrazing and deforestation, a local community approach has been pioneered by Yacouba Sawadogo, a peasant farmer.

China[ edit ] Strips of forest are planted along hundreds of kilometers of the Yangtze levees in Hubei province [10] China has deforested most of its historically wooded areas. China reached the point where timber yields declined far below historic levels, due to over-harvesting of trees beyond sustainable yield.

China is trying to correct these problems by projects like the Green Wall of Chinawhich aims to replant a great deal of forests and halt the expansion of the Gobi desert. However, in pre-modern periods, government sponsored afforestation projects along the historical frontier regions were mostly for military fortification.

As a result, China has the highest afforestation rate of any country or region in the world, with 47, square kilometers of afforestation in Studies reveal that the water table of those areas is becoming deeper indicating significant water loss. Europe[ edit ] Europe has deforested the majority of its historical forests.tion of the sustainable land management (SLM) components of the World Bank’s corporate strategies.

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The specific objectives of the report are to articu-late priorities for investment in SLM and natural resource management and to identify the policy, institutional, and incentive reform options that will accel-.

land management practices occurring in a selected region of Uganda since , based upon a community-level survey conducted in villages in Uganda. ii It investigates the determinants and impacts of these changes on natural .

UGANDA Uganda is a country located in Africa that is surrounded by Kenya and the Republic of Congo. Uganda’s capital is Kampala and some other major cities would be Gulu, Lira, Mbarara, Jinja, Bwizibwera, Mbale, Mukono, Kasese and Masaka. Information technology and IT innovations in banking sector Information Technology (IT) is the automation of processes, controls, and information production using computers, telecommunications, software and ancillary equipment such as automated teller machine and .

strategies (“development pathways”), land management practices, agricultural productivity, resource and human welfare conditions in Uganda since , based upon a community-level survey conducted in villages.

Linkages between Land Management, Land Degradation, and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa The Case of Uganda and Sustainable Land Management in Uganda 32 4. Methods of Data Collection and Analysis 41 5.

Land Management and Severity of Land Degradation 54 6. Factors Associated with Crop Productivity and Household Income

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