Methods of painless delivery

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Methods of painless delivery

Painless delivery Epidural anesthesia The technique of painless delivery called as Epidural Analgesia or Epidural Anaesthesia is a popular technique used by women, if advised by the doctor, during labor.

It gives relief from unbearable labor pain during deliveries. Like all other treatments epidural delivery also has pros and cons.

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Painless delivery Epidural anesthesia — What to expect out of Epidural Analgesia? Why, When and who should go for Epidural Delivery? The fear is of acute labor pain during the time of childbirth. The quantum of pain varies from one mother to another mother.

Some has very less labor pain and the pregnancy is easy and many have long delayed labor pain. Labor pain is severe for most women who do not receive pain relief. With advent of modern medicine and availability of techniques with skilled practitioners, it is now possible to relieve the pain of labor.

Management of pain is the most crucial thing in the delivery of baby and painless delivery techniques are providing respite from excessive pain, be it in normal deliveries or caesarean that need operations. The technique of painless delivery called as Epidural Analgesia or Epidural Anesthesia is a popular technique used by women, if advised by the doctor, during labor.

The technique is not only cost-effective, but also gives relief from unbearable labor pain during deliveries. It is estimated that out of every 25 deliveries, there are around painless deliveries.

In fact most of those going for it are educated and come from well-off families. As threshold to bear labor pain among women has reduced, they prefer to go for epidural anesthesia. Most of patients come to us after knowing about it from friends and relatives.

With women postponing motherhood till late thirties and conditions like obesity and hypertension, chances for normal delivery become less. As one grows old, threshold to bear pain also reduces but epidural anesthesia increases chances of having normal deliveries, doctors say. With women postponing motherhood till late thirties, with conditions like obesity, diabetics and hypertension becoming common, chances for normal delivery were becoming less.

In an Epidural procedure a small injection is placed in your lower back, through which a fine tube epidural catheterthe size of a thread, is passed into your back.

Methods of painless delivery

Drugs can be injected through this tube to relieve the pain of labor.Painless Delivery or Epidural Delivery is the natural way of childbirth almost without experiencing any pain during the labor.

The epidural anesthesia used in this procedure, helps mothers relieve the normal delivery pain and is the most popular method for pain relief during labor.

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GRANTLY DICK-READ'S METHOD There is no doubt that this method first introduced publicly about has had a marked and quietening effect on our labour wards and is the accepted basis of approach in English-speaking countries, Labour is a more or less painless procedure in one in ten women, and on occasion it is accompanied by a spontaneous overflow of PSYCHOPROPHYLACTIC METHODS OF .

Trad Method Of Painless Childbirth. Explanatory Booklet For the use of my patients. 2. of my Painless Childbirth Method. This edition is by all means necessary, for it It is an absolutely efficient medicamentous method of Painless Childbirth.

It is easy to use, agreeable and harmless. Furthermore, it speeds up the delivery. The Myth of the Painless Childbirth. I object to those that sell painless childbirth.

If you do this method, then you will be pain free. The issue is, when a mother tries that method, and she feels pain, she also feels like she failed.

Methods of painless delivery

I also understand not every delivery . Water Birthing a method for Painless Delivery Water birth is a process that provides maximum relaxation to the back of the mother through hydrotherapy. It requires a woman to sit in a tub full of warm water which provides pain relief and helps smoothen the opening of the cervix.

Epidural or painless delivery If you opt for an epidural, the anaesthetist will confirm that it can be safely done. Your doctor injects the aneastheic agent into the membranes around the spinal cord.

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