Run lola run paper response essay

The film follows the events between a woman, Lola, and her boyfriend, Mani, who she desperately tries to save from death by helping him obtain a huge amount of money he carelessly lost. Throughout the film, Lola bumps into people, talks to them, or passes them by. The futures are widely changed from encounter to encounter. In one scenario, a woman who Lola accidentally bumps into wins the lottery and becomes rich in a different scenario, she remains poor and kidnaps an unattended baby after her child was taken away by social workers.

Run lola run paper response essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Discuss how visual language is used to illustrate these distinctive ideas in Run Lola Run and one related text of your own choosing.


The two main concepts explored in these movies is the strong them of love and life being a game. The theme of love is strongly displayed in both Run Lola Run and The Butterfly Effect which is shown through the use of many visual techniques.

Similarly to Run Lola Run, Eric Bress film The Butterfly Effect also strongly display through the use of visual techniques the theme of love and the assumption that love remains central to our existence. Bress uses the similar camera angle of the medium side shot, again showing the comfort and security both characters bring to one another as well as giving the scene context through the use of the bed and no clothes, also implying a moment of romance.

The scene also uses the scattered close up shots of both the characters face, just like the scene in Run Lola Run, suggesting the focus on their individual feelings and reactions to the situation.

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The theme of life as a game is consistently shown throughout Run Lola Run; Tykwer is able to make the audience feel as if the movie is a game developing this as a central theme.

She is then able to change the result to one that better suits her and Manni. It is in this third scenario where Lola is seen to have grown as a person and has not only won the casino game, but won the other games going on in her own life. This idea can be considered as a metaphor for our own lives, about gaining the skills to master the games within our everyday lives.

The concept of life being a game and most importantly the concept of manipulation of time is also shown in The Butterfly Effect where Evan has the ability to travel back in time through his blackouts to his old self and change his past to effectively change his present self and life, this makes the audience question his ability to manipulate time.

Film Analysis: Run Lola Run

Likewise Lola discovers she is also able to manipulate time and travel backwards and fix the mistakes she previously made in order to save her lovers life. Just like Evan, Lola plays with time and uses it to her ability.Run Lola Run Essay Run, Lola, Run: A Reflection Paper Run, Lola, Run is a German movie in which Lola, the protagonist, helps Manni, her boyfriend, in the problem that he’s currently dealing with.

Run lola run paper response essay

The film ‘Run Lola Run’ directed by Tome Tykwer depicts various themes associated with mise-en-scene. Each theme provides unique elements to the two major components of mise-en-scene; design and composition.

Type of paper: Essay. Lola's apartment is bright and individual, symbolizing the complexities and independence of Lola's character through broken Barbie dolls, an old-fashioned red telephone and pet turtle.

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Tom Tykwer’s independent, and unmistakably avant-garde film, Run Lola Run in many ways, defies Hollywood cinematic convention, but must also conform with audience expectations in. ENGLCOM (RVLC) Shaira L.

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Brizuela NO3B October 30, Reaction Paper on “Run Lola Run” Though I wasn’t able to watch the movie “Run Lola Run” last Thursday with the class, I sure did exert an extra effort to watch the said movie to myself for me to judge whether the movie was somehow reasonable to watch or not.

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