Sensitive topics to write about

Issues like parents, friends and sex are all things men can be very guarded about, defensive about, or even refuse to talk about.

Sensitive topics to write about

How to write sensitive topics? So the main theme of my story is trust and distrust, tying in with the theme, my main character has trust issues. The sensitive issue part comes in from the repeated trauma that caused her to think this way.

Another one of my major characters is suicidal and self harms. So my question is how I could avoid offending readers and still be honest with what these characters have been through.

To put it simply And are they your primary audience? And since most women experience bad behaviour on the part of men at some point in their lives, I doubt many female readers will be offended as long as the subject is dealt with authentically.

Everyone knows women who have had bad relationships with men and distrust men as a result.

sensitive topics to write about

Even those female readers who have been lucky to not have bad experiences with men are unlikely to have a problem with the story. Stories about damaged characters can be valuable because they create empathy for people who have had traumatic experiences.

If you are writing a book aimed at a male audience which probably would mean a male protagonistthen the trick would be to have your main character be the hero who treats this jaded woman decently. Men have a deep desire to be heroes and to win the trust, admiration, and love of women. So they enjoy reading stories from the point of view of someone who does that.

There are, naturally, some people who would prefer to be in denial about such issues. They are simply not your readership at least for now.

It is far more meaningful to explore the human condition, to shine light on areas that have been overlooked.

How to write sensitive topics?

But if a story is meaningful to you, and if it is authentically and skillfully written, it will likely be meaningful to a significant readership. Of course, the other issue to consider is what thematic argument or message you want your story to deliver. For instance, do you want your jaded woman to learn how to trust again with positive results delivering the message that, on balance, taking a chance on trust is worthwhile?

Or do you want her to learn to trust with negative results delivering the message that trust is a bad choice. Do you want to create a world full of people who have different experiences with trust and distrust, so you can then demonstrate the right approach to take?hi i am slightly confused over the mentioned sensitive periods.

as i am only reading this up online. Order over here is stated between 18 m to 2 y and in another source it is between 2 y to 4 y like wise there is no mention of sensitive period of music. can you help with elaborating all possible sensitive periods.

Choose from Most Effective Debatable Argumentative Essay Topics to Write About. Many actors, musicians, authors and other artists identify themselves as being shy, or consider themselves introverted or highly sensitive.

Some people may use the term “shy” about themselves or others, but really mean highly sensitive or introverted. Take a serious, even journalistic approach to writing about sensitive topics. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a traditional journalist, adopting a dedication to research will greatly improve your content.

Give your topic — and your audience, for that matter — the respect they deserve. On sensitive college essay topics June 9, by Kevin McMullin We're often asked whether or not it's a good idea for a student to discuss a sensitive issue like depression, drug dependency or an eating disorder in a college essay.

Jun 29,  · Stuck on the Right Words for Sensitive Topics? Get AP If you create newsletter articles, HR policies, forms, reports, or other pieces that touch on current topics and data, Do you struggle with appropriate language when writing about sensitive topics?

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